Our services (*anygraaf.net and* anygraaf.fi) uses cookies to provide high quality user experience. We also use 3rd. party services using cookies to get information how people navigates on our services.

Any data cannot be tracked to individual visitor. Currently those external services are following https://policies.google.com/privacy/partners

We might also have social media share buttons on our services and using those, cookies that we can’t affect might be created on your computer. More information about cookies can be found from google with search term “what is cookie”.

In short, cookies are almost as old technique as Internet. So, if You have previously used our services we have probably already created cookies on your computer and it means there’s nothing new You should be worried about. Internet can be a harmful place, but cookies are not the worst thing You should waste thinking resources. If still for some reason being extra careful suits You best, feel free to disable cookies by navigating to Your Internet browser settings and You still can use our services almost as well as cookies enabled. There might be some functionalities that does not work anymore but it is the price tag for being Cookie hysterical. More information about disabling cookies can be found from google by search term “how to disable cookies”

All changes for our cookie policy are informed on this page.