Silja Tenhunen from Yle was the first keynote speaker. Her presentation "Three forces of change that will affect the media market the most in the next few years" aroused the audience by highlighting the changes in the media market and Yle's methods for monitoring and reacting to these changes.

Our second keynote speaker, Jukka Huikko from Ylä-Satakunnan Sanomalehti Oy, focused on "Digital development in micro and SME companies - income stream, efficiency and profit" how systematic development plans can transform the operation of a loss-making newspaper into a profitable one.

In his presentation, Mats Melén from Neuwo Oy talked about the use of artificial intelligence in content classification, content-based marketing and improving the discoverability of automated content, which affects, among other things, search engine visibility.

We also reviewed Anygraaf's own solutions regarding the market and future prospects:

Regarding CDProfit, Jyri Vanninen talked about the use of CDProfit Maps in quality control and handling complaints, as well as the latest extensions, such as the daily distance calculation, which calculates the mileage compensation to be paid per delivery day based on the distributor's route.

Regarding the CProfit circulation system, we discussed the possibilities of the CProfit portal, the use of the extended API and the extended electronic access control. Jyri Vanninen and Hannu Inberg also talked about the SProfit sorting service and new solutions for processing and managing weight distribution materials.

In the AProfit review, recent implementations were introduced, the current state of the portal with the help of multi-product bookings, and the external interfaces as part of sales support. Kirsi Kela from Hilla Group gave video greetings about their implementation of the AProfit portal adapted to Hilla Group's needs.

In the content production section, we examined the use of eNeo as part of a modern overall content production system and its links to third-party services, which facilitates the streamlining of work and reducing the need for training. In the review of the NeoDirect online publication, we were acquainted with recent projects, the presentation of automatic number-based content from a visual magazine and the additional earning opportunities brought by personalization and classification. We also reviewed new possibilities for magazines and the electronic publication of content production and the operation of magazines taking into account the increased accessibility of digital services.

We also received video greetings from Sweden: Jakob Larsson and Johan Rönnblom from Stockholm-based Mitt i magazine told us about their joint project, in which the AProfit notification management system and the Neo and eNeo content management systems were implemented for them. In addition, Mitt i's online publications were renewed with the NeoDirect publication system.

After the day's program, we moved to a more relaxed atmosphere, enjoying good food, live music by troubadour Anssi Känsälä and the company of friends we have known for a long time.